See our one on one conversation with Haneen Habash, the Human Resources Coordinator at The Mövenpick Resort & Residences Aqaba and her statement will definitely encourage many aspiring young women to pursue their careers and dreams in the exciting world of the hospitality industry. Find out what makes her stand out in her chosen field:


            ·        How long have you been working in hotels and which position did you start with?

I have been working in the hotel industry since 2013 and started as a housekeeping coordinator and trainer at the Intercontinental Aqaba.

                   ·        Were there any difficult situations or challenges that you faced as a covered woman working in the hospitality industry?

Well, being a covered woman was never an issue for me, nevertheless we cannot avoid situations way back on the beginning of my career on the past organizations when some colleagues were under estimating my ability to do thing due to the fact that our society is still living up on the impression that covered ladies have several restriction towards holding a skilled profession, moreover I do believe that personality and knowledge are what matters most and if you have that, then there’s no room for you to be intimidated and distracted to achieve your goals.

·        How did you cope with these issues?

I just kept doing what I do. I never gave up and I stood up for what I believed in - that women, covered or not, are strong leaders and able to run the world with their personalities and knowledge. So people around hotels started to know me and I got my own name and gained a reputation that helped me to not go through the above situations again.

       ·        What convinced you to work in the hotel industry?

It was actually by coincidence initially, but after the first year I was in love with the whole idea of a hotel. I got to know a lot of people, the social relations and the benefits for me as an employee in a hotel were like, “Wow,” and of course being able to work and being productive is the most important factor in our country.

       ·        How do you feel the chance of success for a covered lady to stand out on her work?

I think a woman weather she is covered or not is able to do anything, as long as she got the right mind set and uses all her knowledge and curiosity and to let herself grow, all of this is what matters not what we are wearing, in my personal experience being a covered lady never been an obstacle for me, as anyone else should not.

       ·        How do you focus on achieving success?

In order to succeed in any life challenge, you must be committed to what you do and have a plan and goals that you aim to achieve.

                   ·        Many covered women in Jordan are afraid or perhaps too discourage to work in hotels. How would you encourage them?

The hotel industry offers endless benefits and opportunities for each employee providing you not just a workplace but a fun environment, for women out there who are thinking of joining hotels, I say go for it and trust me you will never regret it. It opens your eyes to a very good life and shapes you by developing and building your skills and personality while getting the best of your advantages. It also provides top-notch training programs and you can acquire certifications that will unlock many more doors paving the way for further opportunities and success in the future.


Mövenpick Resort & Residences Aqaba is an institution that develops talented individuals regardless of race, religion, gender and personal differences, Haneen Habash is one among the numerous covered women who are currently holding an important role towards their successful hotel operation over the past 17 years in business.